Welcome to FOSBA

FoSBA ( the Friends of St. Bartholomew’s Association) is the fundraising organisation for the school and essentially the school PTA. It exists to raise money to provide extra materials and equipment which would not otherwise be available to the children. We are a registered charity therefore it is essential that a nominated committee manages the activities and finances of FoSBA.

All parents and carers are automatically members of FoSBA and are welcome to join in the many events which are organised, or to attend the regular planning meetings. In addition all parents and carers are welcome to attend the AGM which is held during Autumn term. This is an opportunity to gain a better insight into the activities and how the monies raised are utilised within the school

As well as raising money we provide a variety of social events for everyone to enjoy. Some of the activities, such as the termly discos, are designed for the children, others are for adults, whilst most are available to the whole family.

There are many events which take place every year, such as the Summer Fete, however we are keen to consider new ideas. If you have any suggestions for fundraising or social events please use our contact us form to let us know.

We are always looking for extra volunteers to help organise and run the events so if you are interested in getting more involved we would love to hear from you.

Registered Charity Number 1020246